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The Bulgarian Capital

Sofia (City Tour) – the National Natural Science Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, the Ethnographic Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, the Zoo, the National Palace of Culture, the National History Museum, the National Art Gallery, the National Museum of Earth and People, the Military History Museum - Sofia, the Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Science.

The route can be completed within a few days. It is intended for automobile, organized bus transport, city transport or crossing on foot.

National Natural Science Museum at the Bulgarian Science Academy – Sofia City

The National Natural Science Museum was established in 1889. It is the oldest museum in Bulgaria and is placed among the natural science museums with the richest exposition on the Balkan Peninsula. Initially, the personal collection of butterflies, birds and mammals of Prince Ferdinand (a Bulgarian monarch who was later proclaimed a tsar; ruling in the period 1887 – 1918). Later, in ...

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Ethnographic Institute with Museum, BAS – Sofia City

The Ethnographic Institute with a museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Science is situated in the former royal residence in Sofia. The museum is part of the so called National Museum, established in 1892 and became an independent institution in 1906 under the name National Ethnographic Museum. In 1954 the ethnographic museum and the National Art Gallery moved into the building of the ...

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The Zoo, Sofia City

One of the attractions in Sofia is the Zoo. It is the oldest and largest Zoo on the Balkan Peninsula. It covers an area of more than 360 decares and was established in 1888 by Prince Ferdinand, and initially it was situated near the former royal palace. The first animal in the zoo was a Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus). In 1892 the first two lions were brought to the zoo. Over the ...

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National Palace of Culture – Sofia City

The National Palace of Culture is situated in the center of Sofia City. It is a multifunctional complex, a synthesis of modern architecture and plastic arts. It was established in 1981. The wonderful spaces are spiritualized by more than one hundred works of the monumental painting, sculpture, woodcarving, tapestry, metal plastics and other genres. The NPC contains 15 multifunctional ...

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National History Museum – Sofia City

The National History Museum is one of the largest and richest history museums on the Balkan Peninsula. More than 700,000 cultural monuments are preserved inside it, representing the history of the present Bulgarian lands from the period 8,000 years ago to the present day. Only 10% of all these valuables and monuments are exhibited in the museum halls. The national history museum was ...

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National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery is the largest and the most representative museum of the Bulgarian fine arts in the country. It is housed in the building of the former royal palace (declared a cultural monument in 1978), together with the National Ethnographic Museum. The beginning of the collection was set in 1892 when the art department of the National Archaeological Museum was established. ...

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National Museum “Earth and Man” in the city of Sofia

The National Museum “Earth and Man” is located in downtown Sofia. The museum opened in 1987. In its area of 5,500 square meters visitors may see a collection of minerals collected from 109 countries from around the world. The museum has a collected 1,523 kinds of minerals of the more than 4200 known throughout the world. Few European museums can boast of a collection as rich as this ...

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The Sofia Museum of Military History

The National Museum of Military History was founded on July 4, 1916. The Varna Museum of Naval History, a branch of the museum in Sofia, opened in 1956, followed by an outdoor museum affiliated with the Vladislav Varnenchik Association. The Museum of Aviation is also administered by the Sofia Military History Museum. In its nearly one hundred years, the museum has collected almost a ...

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Archaeological Institute and Museum at the Bulgarian Science Academy – Sofia City

The National Archaeological Museum is situated in the center of Sofia City, opposite the Presidency. The museum is housed in Buyuk Dzhamiya (The Large Mosque) – the oldest preserved building in Sofia from the age of the Ottoman Dominion, dating back to the end of the 15th century. The museum was opened for visitors on 18 May 1905. The building was expanded a number of times, in order ...

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National Anthropological Museum, Sofia

The National Anthropological Museum is located in Sofia, 73 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., next to the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is one of several museums within the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and is under the auspices the Institute of Experimental Morphology and Anthropology at BAS. The museum was established in March 2007 after Man in the Past, a traveling ...

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Agushevi Konatsi – Mogilitsa village

The largest late medieval feudal castle on the Balkan Peninsula – the Agushevi Konatsi – is situated in the Rhodope mountain. The ...

Historical and Architectural Reserve “Bozhentsi”

Bozhentsi – a pretty village in the area of Gabrovo, is one of the most beautiful architectural reserves in Bulgaria. It is located 15 ...

Belintash – Natural Landmark

The natural landmark Belintash was declared by Order No RD-1464/12 December 2003 of the MEW in order to preserve a unique rock formation. It ...

The Rhodope – the Mountain of Orpheus

Some of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Bulgaria are located in the Rhodope Mountain. Lush meadows in unbelievable nuances of ...

Memorial Temple “St. Alexander Nevski” – Sofia City

The cathedral temple “St. Alexander Nevski” is considered a symbol of the Bulgarian capital. It is located in the center of Sofia, at ...