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The Sea Capital of Bulgaria

Varna (city tour) – Eco Park - PantheonRegional History Museum (RHM) – CathedralThe Assumption of Virgin Mary” – Ethnographic MuseumRoman BathsNaval Museum - Evksinograd

The route can be completed within a few days. It is intended for an automobile, organized bus transport, city transport or going on foot.

University Botanical Garden – Eco Park – city of Varna

The University Botanical Garden – Eco Park – city of Varna was established in 1977 on the territory of a former nursery-garden, and since 11 May 2002 it has been opened for visitors as the first ecological park in the country. It was declared a protected area by Decree No РД-198 of 05 March 2004. Among its priority activities are the protection of various plant species outside ...

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The Pantheon – city of Varna

The Monument of the Strugglers Against Fascism and Capitalism from the City of Varna and the Region within the period 1923-1944, also known as the Pantheon, is situated in the Sea Garden of Varna, in close proximity to the Palace of Culture and Sports. The history of this monument began when in 1945 a Common Grave in which the bones of the killed strugglers against fascism and ...

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Regional Historical Museum, city of Varna

The Archaeological Museum of Varna was established in 1887 by the brothers Karel and Herman Shkorpil (archaeologists and scientists of Czech and Bulgarian origin, founders of the Bulgarian archaeology and museum activity). The building in which it is housed was constructed in 1892 – 1898 for a school – a Girls High School. It was built in a late baroque style with basement ...

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Cathedral “The Assumption of Holy Mother”

The cathedral in Varna is one of the symbols of the city. It is situated on “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” square in the center of Varna. The view from the belfry towards the city is splendid, but you have to overcome the 133 stairs of the narrow caracol. The first stone upon the construction of the temple was placed by Prince Alexander I of Battenberg (1857 - 1893) in 1880. After ...

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Ethnographic Museum, city of Varna

One of the most interesting museums of the sea capital of Bulgaria, the Ethnographic museum, is situated in a house belonging to the age of Revival, which was built around 1860. The ethnographic museum was established in 1974. The museum presents the rich variety in culture and style of life of the population in Varna region from the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the ...

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Roman Baths, Varna

The Roman Baths are one of the most valuable monuments of culture in Varna, situated in the central part of the city, on the corner of the streets San Stefano and Khan Krum. This is one of the sites of the Archaeological Museum in the city. The Public Baths of Odessos are one of the most preserved architectural monuments of the Roman Age in Bulgaria (1st – 4th century AD). They are ...

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Maritime Museum, City of Varna

The Maritime Museum in Varna is situated in the most attractive region of the city of Varna – at the sea shore, in the southernmost point of the Sea Garden. Through its halls, open expositions and all of its performances the museum aims to store, present and popularize the sea capital of Bulgaria. The first steps of the Maritime Museum were established as early as 1883 when the ...

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The Evksinograd Residence is located at a distance of 8 kilometers north of Varna and lies on a 3-kilometer coastline in close proximity to the resort of St. Constantine and Helena. The complex used to be a royal summer residence for the monarchs who ruled Bulgaria after the liberation of the country from the Ottoman Dominion (1878) – Alexander Battenberg, Ferdinand and Boris the 3rd. ...

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The Pliska National Historical and Architectural Reserve

Roughly 29 km from Shumen and just 2 km from present-day Pliska are the remains of Bulgaria’s first capital. Pliska was the capital of the ...

Agushevi Konatsi – Mogilitsa village

The largest late medieval feudal castle on the Balkan Peninsula – the Agushevi Konatsi – is situated in the Rhodope mountain. The ...

Shabla Lake – Protected Area

The protected area of Shabla Lake is located in northeastern Bulgaria, at a distance of about 5 kilometers from Shabla and 18 kilometers ...

Sofia Mosque

The mosque Banya Bashi is situated in the center of Sofia, on Maria Luisa boulevard. It was built by the initiative and with the financial ...

Architectural and Historical Reservation Varosha - Lovech

The architectural and historical reservation Varosha covers the entire old part of the town of Lovech along the right bank of the river ...