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UNESCO (North-East Bulgaria)

Varna – Archaeological Reservation “Madara” – Sveshtarska Tomb – Silistra – Srebarna – Ruse – Ivanovski Rock Churches - Varna

The route can be completed within 4 days. It is intended for an automobile or a bus. The starting point is the city of Varna or the resorts: St. Konstantin and St. Elena, Slanchev Den (Sunny Day), Zlatni Pyasatsi (Golden Sands), Albena or Balchik. Accommodations can be performed in the town of Silistra or the city of Ruse. The visitors of the Sveshtarska Tomb will have the opportunity to visit Demir Baba Tekke and the History Museum in Isperih. In Silistra the tourists will have the opportunity to visit the fortress “Medzhidi Tabiya”, the History Museum, and the Archaeological Museum. Starting from Ruse, visitors can see the Rock Monastery “St. Dimitar Basarbovski”, the Natural Park “Rusenski Lom”, and the medieval town of Cherven. On the way to Varna (through Razgrad) tourists can visit the Archaeological Reserve “Abritus”.

City of Varna

The city of Varna is situated in the North-Eastern part of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea shore. Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria and the largest one on the Black Sea shore with population of about 330 000 people. Because of its history and its economical and cultural significance, it is often called the Sea Capital of Bulgaria. The average January temperature in Varna is +1.7 ...

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The Madara national historical-archeological reserve

The national historical-archeological reserve “Madara” is located 17 km northeast of Shumen, 2 km from the village of Madara and 75 km from Varna. Towering cliffs, beautiful natural surroundings, and plentiful water drew people here from the dawn of history. First settled during the Neolithic Age (the late Stone Age), it has been occupied ever since. Over the centuries, rock ...

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Sveshtarska Tomb

The historical and archaeological reservation of Sboryanovo covers the territory in the west part of Ludogorsko Plateau, along the river valley of Krapinets river, between the villages of Malak Porovets and Sveshtari in the Municipality of Isperih. It is a unique complex consisting of settlements, temples and necropolises dating back to antiquity. It was declared a historical and ...

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Biosphere Reservation of Srebarna – village of Srebarna

The biosphere reservation by the village of Srebarna is situated at a distance of 2 km south from the river Danube and 16 km west from Silistra, on an area of 600 ha. It covers the lake Srebarna and the territories near it. Its fame is related on one hand to the fact that it is situated exactly on the way of the migratory birds from Europe to Africa - Via Pontica, and on the other hand ...

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Ivanovo Rock Churches – city of Ruse

The rock monastery “St. Archangel Michael” is situated 22 km from Ruse, in close proximity to the village of Ivanovo, within the borders of Natural Park “Rusenski Lom”. An asphalted road with designative board signs leads to the complex, and there is a parking lot at the foot of the rocks. A stair system in the rocks provides access for visitors to the various churches ...

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Античен театър в град Пловдив The Burgas Museum of Ethnography

The Ethnographic Museum in the city of Burgas is located in the house known as the Brakalov House, which was built in 1873 for the respected ...

Античен театър в град Пловдив Strumyani

The municipality of Strumyani, by virtue of its territorial manufacturing, territorial servicing functions and the level of building of the ...

Античен театър в град Пловдив Kolyu Ficheto’s Bridge over the Yantra River – Byala

The Byala Bridge is situated at the northeastern part of the town of Byala, Ruse Municipality. It was built over the Yantra River in ...

Античен театър в град Пловдив Museum of Palaeontology, Elena

The Museum of Palaeontology in the town of Elena is situated under the roof of Popnikolova House – one of the oldest buildings in the town ...

Античен театър в град Пловдив Snezhanka Peak

The Rhodope peak “Snezhanka” raised 1,926 meters in height. The resort of Pamporovo is situated at the foot of the peak. The larger part ...