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Kostenets (Kostenets Villas)

Kostenets (Kostenets Villas)

The resort is located 78 km southeast of Sofia on 835 meters altitude, amidst the dense forests of the northern slopes of Rila Mountain. The climate in the resort is temperate continental, low-mountain. Its mineral water is hot, low-mineralized, low-carbonate-sulphate-sodium-containing, medium-fluorine-containing, and also it contains a small quantity of radon. It has high alkaline reaction and very low general water hardness. The basic indications of the resort are diseases of the locomotory system, the peripheral nervous system and gynecological, as well as chronic diseases of the respiratory paths and functional disorders of the nervous system.

The resort Kostenec The resort Kostenec The resort Kostenec The resort Kostenec The resort Kostenec
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