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The locality of Yundola is situated at a distance of 16 km from Velingrad. One can reach it along the way from Velingrad to Bansko and Razlog.

The resort is situated on an average elevation of 1400 meters above the sea level between Rila and Rhodope Mountain.
The locality is a wide meadow, about 3 km long and about 1 km wide. The name of the locality comes from the Turkish word yundol, which means wool market.

Yundola is an appropriate place for winter and summer tourism. The resort contains ski tracks, equipped with tow-lifts. During the winter the snow cover stays for about 80 days, and the average January temperature is -4°С.

The broad-leaved forests in the region are an appropriate place for walks and tourist passages during the summer season. The average temperature in July is 15°С.

The forest slopes in the region are covered in juniper plantations, and the mountains Rila and Rhodopes protect the locality of the powerful winds.

The clean air and the favorable climate are a precondition for conducting of climate therapeutic procedures. They have good influence upon the respiratory organs (including bronchial asthma), problems with the kidney vessel system, disorders of the nerve system, allergic and endocrine diseases.

There is a training and trial forest farm, many holiday houses and huts in the resort.

Yundola has a winter stadium (a center for long-distance ski races) and a tourist base.

Tourist tracks for Belmeken peak (2626 m.) in Rila and Chernovets peak (1834 m.) in the West Rhodope mountain start from Yundola.

The entire region around Yundola is exceptionally picturesque. The reservations Rogachitsa and Valyavitsite, Filibishka meadow, the localities Chernovets and Kurtovo, the sports base Belmeken and the natural landmark Pashovi Rocks are situated in close proximity to Yundola.

The Information Center for Small and Medium-Sized Business in Velingrad offers tourist information services.

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